Technology For You - February 22, 2021

Ambient Scientific Unveils Breakthrough DigAn (Digital Analog) AI Technology.

"DigAn AI is an advanced version of Analog AI technology that provides ultra-high performance and efficiency of Analog AI with implementation and commercial advantages of Digital chips. The company also announced Industry's lowest power On-Device AI solution for 'Wake on Word' applications."

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NewsWire - November 19, 2020

Ambient Scientific, Inc. has appointed Chris Allexandre to its Board of Directors, effective Sept. 10, 2020.

"We are delighted to welcome Chris to our Board of Directors," said GP Singh, founder and CEO of Ambient Scientific Inc. "His experience will be of immense help to fuel Ambient Scientifics growth and success, as the company pushes its breakthrough products in hands of beachhead customers. His extensive sales, marketing and operational experience will prove invaluable to drive company's goals and vision."

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@ WAIC 2021

WAIC 2021 Shanghai: Ambient Scientific - The Personal AI

In near future, all computers, big or small, will be AI-computers. As conventional computers traversed the path of being big to becoming small, starting from main-frame to mini-frame to desktop to laptop to now in palm of our hands (a smart phone), AI computers are destined to traverse the same path. Today, most AI computers are big, bulky, expensive and extremely high energy consuming. But, soon they would become small...tiny.. much smaller than a smart phone..... Tiny enough to disappear in gadgets we use in our everyday lives. They would be around us. Personal to us. Personal AI is the future....

October 20-22 and 27-29, 2020

Linley Fall Processor Conference 2020

Ambient Scientific A General Purpose AI Processor for Micro Edge Applications #CES #DigAn #AmbientScientific #AnalogAI #DigitalAi #IOT in Santa Clara, CA. Watch the full presentation for details.

@ CES 2020

World's First Analog AI demo

Video capture of World's First Analog AI demo @ CES 2020 by Ambient Scientific #CES #DigAn #AmbientScientific #AnalogAI #DigitalAi #IOT in Santa Clara, CA. Watch the full presentation for details.

January 15, 2020

The State of AI and ML Conference

Ambient Scientific announced the launch of its The State of AI and ML Conference at the Edge AI Summit event in Mountain View, CA. Since exiting stealth mode, we've shipped samples of the DigAn AI Processor to potential customers, and we have continued developing tools for embedded AI developers.

The company also announced the industry's lowest power embedded AI SoC for 'Always-On' and 'Wake on Word' applications. It uses only 80 uW power or less for AI inference, which is 200x lower than best-in-class industry solutions.

To learn more about DigAn AI Processor take a look at our launch presentation at the Edge AI Summit, presented by Gajendra Prasad Singh (CEO).

November 20, 2019

Edge AI Summit

Ambient Scientific CEO Gajendra Prasad (GP) Singh announced launch of Ambient Scientific Inc. and gave a keynote presentation at Edge AI Summit in Santa Clara, CA. Watch the full presentation for details.