Revolutionizing AI At The Edge

Powered by groundbreaking innovations, Ambient Scientific brings both the software and hardware (AI processor chip) technologies to unleash the magic of AI in portable, tiny, battery powered electronics devices and Intelligent IoT sensors including AlwaysOn voice, AlwaysOn computer vision and AlwaysOn sensor fusion.

Infinite possibilities for edge AI

Family of processors GPX-10 and GPX-5 are combined with SDK and EVK Solutions
Ambient Scientific brings AI to endpoint and Edge AI devices without the need for internet and cloud. DIGANT is programmable AI processors that deliver the required high performance AI compute capabilities with ultra-low-power consumption.

Modern and intuitive SDK makes it easy to develop and optimize custom AI algorithms. Ambient's DataVault enables OEMS to collect and label data near the sensor without connecting to the cloud

Develop and Scale Powerful AI Applications

Ambient Scientific's has built software tools, the SDK and DataVault to build and scale powerful AI applications. You can use these tools with GPX AI processors to develop cutting-edge AI algorithms and applications with unique features such as adaptive training to create a scalable business platform. You can also use Ambient Scientific’s DataVault for collecting valuable labelled data.


Ambient Scientific's GPX AI processors are fully programable. Build and own your unique and powerful AI algorithms and applications using your domain knowledge

Build AI Applications


Smoothly and quickly deploy your AI applications to market.

Deploy AI Applications


Build an entire roadmap of AI products and applications and scale the market in steps for better ROI

Scale AI Applications

The DigAn Architecture


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